How does the Tender Work?

Publish a tender with the specific details needed to create anything you like. For example an embroidery of a towel or bedspread or digital printing of curtains. After you post it the following process starts

1Qualifying Round
2Sample Round
3Final Round

Qualifying Round

After you upload the necessary information for your project, it is reviewed and published. Then the bids of suppliers come in who want to partake in the tender. You choose the suitable ones to move forward to the next round.

Sample Round

Select the supplier with the best price and request samples, if you want to. After receiving all samples, decide which supplier should move forward to the next round.


Final Round

In the final round, you will choose the winner of the tender.



After the final round, you will be forwarded to the checkout page where you fill in the necessary information for the item to be sent to you.


Your Benefits

Ideas, Creativity and Bringing Together

The tender is something we had in mind where we bring ideas, creativity and people together. The ideas of unique and custom made items such as embroidery or digital printing for different applications and purposes is something we wanted to cater to. The tender allows all sorts of creativity to become a reality. Both profiles can create and partake in uploading an idea and get the right person to complete the project.

The Tender

Partaking in a tender is a strategy used in sourcing between buyers and suppliers in which the sellers compete with one another to win the business of the buyer. We call it a tender, because prices trend down as the bidding goes on, rather than up, as they would in a typical auction. Suppliers are bidding at a lower and lower price to win the chance to complete the task.

Great Outreach

For the selling business, Mecurus will enable anyone to set up a digital sales profile and reach customers directly across borders and language barriers. Thus providing the opportunity to reduce the end price without losing margin and thereby gaining market share and providing direct access to end customers in domestic and international markets, which before were out of reach.

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