Sell your fabric items effortlessly on Mecurus

Bring your catalog online, send free samples and sell your fabric in bulk.

Grow and expand your business faster

Mecurus is specifically built for sellers of fabrics, textile products. Market and sell your products more efficiently and give your customers a modern online experience.


    Key Features for Sellers


    Mecurus brings the textile industry from the offline world into the online world. Upload your catalog on to the platform and increase your digital sales presence via Mecurus.

    Increase Your Outreach

    Mecurus will create added value to your business by bringing your catalog online on to our platform, where you get to reach out to more customers domestically and internationally than before.

    Digital Sales Channels

    Upload your stock fabrics on our digital sale channel to sell nation wide

    Virtual Showroom

    Show your tailored fabrics to the world and receive quotes. Don’t worry about the logistics or the payment, we take care of it.


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    Sell your fabric items effortlessly on Mecurus

    Receive a free sample book from the fabrics you like to feel and see them in person.

    Key Features for Buyers

    Browse from many

    On Mecurus you can browse through many different types of fabrics of all sorts of materials, colors, and patterns. Everything is made from trusted and certified manufacturers. Order from Local Stock or Made to Order catalogs.

    Request Samples

    See a fabric you like, but you don’t know how it feels and aren’t sure if it really is the right color? Request a sample, which will be sent to you from Southeast Asia, no matter your location. You like what you received? Order as much fabric as you need and create something beautiful.

    Ratings and Reviews

    Once you bought a product you can leave a rating from one to five stars with a written review. Help others decide to buy items by leaving a rating and a review.

    Local Stock

    Mecurus offers domestic fabric which are already produced and available from many vendors and manufacturers. Get free samples to feel and see the items, then order the ones that fit to your liking.

    Made to Order

    Browse among many different fabric items and select the ones you like. The production is then made especially to your wishes. Get in touch with us today!


    Stay tuned for this exclusive feature to buy fabrics.
    We are sure you will love it!